Turisas - Folk metal band from Finland. Turisas name came from the name of the god of war in the epic Kalevala Tursas (or from one of Odin's runes - Thurisaz). Some critics have called the style in which the band plays, Battle metal - the title of the first album.


Turisas Group was founded in 1997 by Mathias Nyugordom (vocals) and Jussi Wikström (guitar). The first full-length album was released in 2004 on Century Media, and it was called Battle Metal. Guitarist Georg Laakso, who played on the album, in 2005, received a spinal cord injury in a car accident and was forced to leave the music. Replacing him was never found, and since the group only one guitarist.

In 2006, during the tour Bringing Back The Balls To UK, which began on October 6, 2006 in Noingeme, Turisas opening for well-known heavy metal band Lordi.

At the end of November 2006 at Sound Supreme Studios recorded their second full-length album The Varangian Way («route from the Varangians to the Greeks"), released in 2007. This is a concept album that tells about traveling squad through the ancient Rus Vikings in Constantinople. Each song tells about any step of the way: Ladoga, Novgorod, Kiev, Dnieper rapids, Black Sea, etc.. The texts, written in English, used vintage Scandinavian names of these places (Holmgard, Miklagard, Aldgeyyu).

In the same year Turisas recorded and released the single cover version of the song Rasputin group Boney M. The single entered the video for this song, directed by Vesa-Matti Vainio.

In 2007, the group left keyboardist Antti. Instead of looking for a new keyboard, Turisas went to experiment and invited into the violinist Olli. Another forced change came a year later. In 2008, during a tour of the Netherlands, in Amsterdam missing accordion player Lisko group (Janne Mäkinen). Currently it replaces the accordion player Netta Skog.

November 23, 2009 the regional government of the province of Hme handed musicians Turisas Prize Culture Award in 2009. Since 1991, the prize in this category is awarded annually to a person living and working in Hme for extraordinary cultural achievements. In particular, Turisas were rewarded for "a new kind of creative art in Hme" as well as "a new and fresh international culture, using the old tradition."

In 2011, the album was released Stand Up and Fight, continued The Varangian Way, on which the group has demonstrated a bias towards symphonic metal : used in the recording of the orchestra and chorus . The album contains two cover songs : Jethro Tull Broadsword, as well as the legendary Black Sabbath Supernaut. Toward the end of the year there has been a change in the composition . Left the band bassist Hannes Khorma and accordion player Netta Skoog , explained his departure last desire to learn music. In place of the departed came bassist Jukka-Pekka Metheny and keyboardist Robert Engstrand . In November 2012 the group went Jukka-Pekka Lehtonen Metin and Tuomas . Drums for the new album recording Jaakko Yakku , bass - Jesper Anastasiadis.


2004 — Battle Metal
2007 — The Varangian Way
2011 — Stand Up and Fight
2013 – Turisas2013

2007 – To Holmgard and Beyond
2007 – Rasputin
2010 – Supernaut
2010 – Stand Up and Fight

2008 – A Finnish Summer with Turisas

1998 – Taiston Tie - The Battle Path
1999 – Terra Tavestorum
2001 – The Heart of Turisas

«Rasputin» (2007)
«Battle Metal» (2008)
«Stand Up and Fight» (2011)
"Ten More Miles" (2013)

Matthias «Warlord» Nyugord - vocals, keyboards, tambourine, programming
Jussi Wikstrom - guitar
Jaakko Yakku - drums and percussion
Jesper Anastasiadis - bass
Olli Vänskä - Violin
Robert Engstrand - keyboards



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